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Internship Application & hands on training will be run based on following processes:

  • ONLINE APPLICATION: Interested candidates will apply for the available internship opportunities through the website within a specific deadline. They need to submit all kinds of required information & documents.
  • Primary Screening: After the mentioned deadline only eligible candidates will be short listed based on their qualification. The pre screening will be led by an expert recruitment coordinator or HR leader.
  • INTERVIEW WITH HIRING MANAGER: Hiring manager will interview the shortlisted candidates from the pre-selection process and select the most suitable candidate for the position. The interview will be taken in an online or offline mood (based on situation demand).
  • ONBOARDING PROCESS: The candidates will be gone through by an onboarding process based on organizational policy. They will be given all kinds of logistic support based on work demand & policy.
  • START YOUR INTERNSHIP: As the last part of the process the selected candidate will start an internship at the organization following the given job description.
  • Weekly & monthly review meeting: Intern candidates will follow their job description & given task by manager. They will attend Weekly & monthly review meetings with the Reporting manager to update their progress till the end.
  • Closing Presentation: Intern candidates have given a formal Closing presentation to the manager & relevant team on his/her 06 months internship period covering whole learning & individual feedback/recommendation.
  • Internship Completion Certificate: Intern candidates will get Internship Completion certificates from the organization with a recommendation to improve personal skills as well as career growth tips.
  • Placement to Corporate: Candidates will get placement support to the corporate based on demand & matched with skills. If not any vacancy that period, they will be shortlisted to be placed in the next opportunity.
  • Internship report: Students/Internee must need to submit an internship report which will be officially acknowledged by academician or industry expert.
  • Exit Feedback: Candidate will give a short video feedback as an exit interview within 5 minutes covering his skills. findings, & recommendation after successful placement to corporate. In case of academic internship candidates need to submit an internship report to his/her academic body which will be endorsed from the intern organization.