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Internship – generally defined as an opportunity of work offered by an employer to the students or fresh graduates for gathering experience in the related field of study over a fixed or limited period of time. But, for a graduating student it can be a real window to look out and know the genuine picture of the corporate world.
MNC’s, a group of companies, institutions, and business entities regularly offer internship opportunities for different departments of the organization. In recent times; various ad agencies, event management firms, research firms, media houses are offering internships to students or fresh graduates.


The objective of this program is to support a dynamic and excellent career pathway & develop leaders for the young generation through grooming and mentoring and hands on training; and thus bring value to employers by keeping the ready and perfect work force flow alive and thriving under the guidance of the organizational leaders.

Key Focuses

  • Ensuring an easy entry to the professional world through a complete process of grooming
  • Advising for recognition, growth and financial support
  • Expanding the diversity of people entering the professional world
  • Offering support from a dedicated experienced team and structured hands on training
  • Providing a smooth pipeline connecting employers with the next generation of officials
  • Bridging between employers and fresher/ job seekers


The vision is to produce the most highly skilled and trained Professional through hands on training.

Why Internship?

  • Enhance your own capacity to excel in starting the career of a fresh graduate
  • Learn significant things about work life. It is a warm up field for any individual to understand whether she/he is liking the profession or not
  • Great hub to do quality networking which may help out later on to get jobs and also in career path
  • Well internship performance can turn into permanent employment