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Frequently Asked Quesitons:

  • What is Virtual Internship?
    It's a golden opportunity to do regular internship by online from your home.
  • What is Intern 2 Industry (i2i)?
    i2i is developed & planned to develop/guide/make an Intern with practical experience based on industry demand & then provide job opportunity to the intern.
  • What are the benefits of an Intern?
    • Getting practical work experience from home
    • Getting job opportunity after internship
    • Guide from an industry expert
  • What are the basic qualifications needed to apply for Internship?
    Graduation or Post graduation form a reputed university with minimum CGPA 3out of 4
  • Is it applicable for a running student?
    Students of last year/semester can apply for internships.
  • What is the employers benefit from this internship program?
    • Employers will get the best of the best candidates among with highly skilled work training based on their demand
    • Reduce extra hassle & cost of employee development training
    • Opportunity to evaluate and screen potential employees prior to making a full‐time position offer, which leads to financial savings
    • Leadership development opportunity from expert & trained people
  • What is the selection process?
    • Candidates will apply through Online Application Click Here
    • Short list based on result & work experience/area
    • Notify candidates through email/SMS
    • Virtual interview with Skill Jobs team
    • Internship confirmation
    • Internship starts under observation of an industry leader
  • What is the Duration of the Program?
    4 months/6 months (depend of project & work performance)
  • Is it full time or part time?
    Full time/part rim both. But we prefer full time.
  • Is it a Free or Paid program?
    Intern 2 Industry is a completely paid program. Candidates have to pay BDT 10,000/- one time at the time to online application
  • What is the application deadline?
    Application will be closed on 10th January 2021.

If you have more query so you are advised to contact us on following ways:
Intern 2 Industry (i2i) Cell
Cell: 01847-334864, 01713-493159
Email: [email protected]